Can you reduce fat while muscle gain and weight of the body?

Can you reduce fat while muscle gain and weight of the body?

Muscle gain to reduce the fat and weight of the body overview:- The purpose of this article is very outspoken – to provide facts about “Can muscle gain to reduce the fat and weight of the body?” with honesty and integrity. There is no hidden agenda. Burn Fat, Gain the Muscle is not just a nutrition program; It mixes nutrition with physical training – a key necessary for permanent fat loss.

Most bodies are fallen back in the way they diet to lose body fat. Practically every popular diet program ever formulated has one idea in common: Very low calories. Practically all of the low-calorie intakes produce weight loss in the origin. The obstacle is, none of them run for long – it’s physiologically difficult to lose fat lastingly by craving yourself. The individual body is just too “smart” for this to always work.

When you crave the fat, you also crave the muscle. When you crave the muscle, you drop muscle along with the fat. When you drop muscle, your metabolism slows down and your body starts the “hunger mode.” When your body enters hunger mode, fat loss comes to a screeching pause as your body tries to maintain its energy. When the fat loss stops, you either give up (and increase back the fat you lost), or you grit your sources and cut your calories (crave yourself) level further. If you cut your calories, still more, your metabolism slows down a level further. And if your metabolism reduces down, still more, fat loss befalls to a screeching pause repeat. Ultimately, you always end up throwing in the towel because you can’t hold cutting your calories permanently. This’s a bad cycle, You just can’t gain in the very-low-calorie-diet game.

How to burn fat, not muscle?

To drop body fat, you must plan a calorie deficit. There is none another method. A calorie deficit intends that you burn more extra calories than you eat each day. There are a couple of ways you can design this calorie deficit:-

  1. lower your caloric eating from food, or
  2. increase the number of calories you burn by exercise.

Both techniques should be adopted, but of the two methods, burning the calories is healthfuller, more effective and more stable. This’s where the catchword “muscle gain to reduce the fat and weight of the body” comes from It means, don’t crave the fat with low-calorie nutrition, rather, Burn the Fat with exercise. It also means retain your muscle volume intact at all costs with weight training and adequate measures of nutrient-dense meals. Dropping muscle is unacceptable.

Diet-plan for reducing fat while muscle gain

MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY MEAL [CALS= 2250, P=165g, C=230g, F=90g]

oats (cooked)2 cup
eggs white5 large
spinach (leaves)1 cup
sol pumpkin rice bread1 slice
fish oil1 tsp
Protein Shake:-
milk (non-fat)1 cup
Whey protein1 scoop
psyllium seed husks15g
chicken breast100g
fish oil1 tbs
green salad1 cup
walnuts1 handful
whole wheat bread2 slices
punnet butter1 tbs
blueberries½ cup
brown rice1 cup
green vegetable1 cup


Protein Smoothie:-
strawberries½ cup
whey protein isolate1 scoop
pumpkin bread1 slices
flaxseeds1 tsp
Almond Milk240ml
Whey protein1 scoop
berries1 cup
green salad1 cup
sweet potato100g
flaxseed oil1 tsp
whey protein2 scoops
Celery or carrots1 cup
flaxseeds2 tbs
chicken breast150g
Spinach leaves with
salad-type veggies
2 cup
olive oil1 tbs
vinegar dressing1 tbs

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