Special Yoga Asanas to Increase height or Stature in Children

Special Yoga Asanas to Increase Height in Children

Here, along with the practice of regular yoga asanas and pranayama, these are the top 5 special asanas to increase height or height in children and to make the body of children healthy. Along with doing daily yoga exercises and pranayama, practicing the following asanas especially one to 5 minutes will definitely benefit!

  1. Sarvangasan
  2. Hallasan
  3. Chakrasana
  4. Headstands
  5. Paschimottanasan

Top 5 Yoga Asanas to Increase Height

1. Sarvangasan


Lie on your stomach. The legs are joined together, keeping both hands and sides together, place the palms on the ground.

After breathing, slowly raise the legs to 30 degrees, then finally 60 degrees to 90 degrees. You can take the help of your hands while raising your feet! If it is not straight at 90 degrees, move it to 120 degrees and raise the hands from the waist and keep it behind the waist. The elbows should be joined to the feet by resting on the ground and kept straight. Claws upward and torso and eyes closed or toes should be seen. This asana can be done slowly after half an hour starting from 2 minutes.

While coming back, bend back slightly while keeping your feet straight.

Remove both arms from the waist and straighten on the ground. Now, while pressing the ground with the palms, slowly back and then straighten the feet on the ground in the same order from where you were up. The longer the Sarvangasana is done, the longer you rest in the Shavasana. The competitive or complementary asana of this asana is matsyasana. Therefore, doing Matsyasana before rest in Shavasana is more beneficial than this asana.


Makes the thyroid active and healthy, therefore, it removes disorders like obesity, weakness, increase in height, decrease and fatigue.

This asana is particularly useful in increasing height.

2. Hallasan


Lie on your back, inhale slowly while raising your legs. After lifting up to 30 degrees first, then to 60 degrees, while exhaling, move the legs towards the back and back of the head.

Place the feet behind the head on the ground. Breathing speed will be normal. Initially, the hands can be placed behind the waist for convenience. Stay for 30 seconds.

The way you came back, in the same order you came up while pressing the ground with the palms, keep the feet straight from the knees and stay on the ground.


Makes the spine healthy and flexible.

This asana is also useful in women.

It is beneficial in indigestion, bradycardia, gas, spleen and liver enlargement and heart disease.

Obesity, removes dwarfism and weakness etc.


  • This asana is prohibited in the enlarged spleen and liver.
  • Even patients with high blood pressure, cervical spine, etc. should not do this.
  • Do not perform this asana even if you have TB disease in the slip disc and spinal cord.

3. Chakrasana


Lie on your back and bend your knees. High heel shoes are imminent

Keep both hands upside down on the back end of the shoulders, this helps to maintain balance.

Taking a breath, lift the bow up and chest up.

Slowly try to bring the hands and feet closer, so that the body becomes like a circle.

While returning the posture, loosen the body and rest the waist on the ground.

Thus do this recurring 3 to 4 times


  • Strengthens the extreme muscles.
  • Increases vigor, strength and strength in the body.
  • It does not allow aging by making the spine flexible.
  • This asana is more beneficial in increasing height.

4. Headstands


Make a dhoti or any long cloth tablet. Put the fingers of both hands together and keep the hands on the ground till the elbows. Place the pad between your hands.

The head is padded in front and knees are fixed on the ground. While balancing the weight of the body on the cervix and elbows, straighten the legs parallel to the ground.

Now bend one knee up and then lift the other knee up and keep it folded.

Now try to raise the bent knee one by one respectively. Do not rush in the beginning. Gradually the pairs will start to straighten. When the legs are straight, then mix them together and keep them leaning forward slightly, otherwise there is a fear of falling backwards.

Eyes should be closed, breathing speed should be normal.

He should be brought back to the previous position in the order from which he rose. After shakasana suited to your nature, do the shavasana or stand up, so that the flow of blood that was going on to the brain becomes normal.

Time :

This asana can start from 15 seconds and can be half an hour. Practice more in someone’s connection. In normal state, doing 5 to 10 minutes is enough.

Benefit :-

This posture is the king of all postures. This gives pure blood to the brain, which provides health to the eyes, ears, nose, etc.

Falling and white of untimely hair removes both these diseases, develops memory, intelligence and perception.

This asana is more beneficial for height.

Precautions: –

  • Those who are running ears or have pain in the ears, they should not do this asana.
  • Do not use near sight glasses or redness on the eyes.
  • Heart and high – blood pressure and back pain patients should not do this asana.
  • In case of cold, cold etc., do not do this posture.
  • Do not headrest immediately after heavy exercise. While doing this asana, body temperature should be even.

5. Paschimottanasan

Method :-

While sitting in Dandasana, with the help of the fingers and index finger of both hands, hold the toe.

After exhaling, try to put the head between the knees while bowing in front. Stomach can be kept in the condition of avidian bond. Knees – feet are directly on the ground and elbows are also fixed on the ground. Stay in this position for half to three minutes according to the strength. Then exhale and come back to normal.

After this asana, its competitive postures should be performed Bhujangasana and Shalabhasana.


  • All the muscles in the background are expanded.
  • There is a contraction in the muscles of the stomach. This improves their health.
  • This asana is important for height growth.

Yoga Asanas and Increase height or Stature

Doing yoga will not increase your skeletal height, which, for the most part, did not increase after the age of 20.

Genetics, lifestyle factors and nutrition determine your height. Even if you manage to increase your height slightly by reducing the compression of the disc in your spine, the change will be negligible and may vary during the day depending on your movements.

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